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Director's Message

During the 3 years, Kronotex undergoes major reshuffling and restructuring, we are pleased to be back in business again. While our smaller team strives hard to serve you better.

At the same time, I like to ask for your patience as our team size has significantly reduced. Give us some time to grow and to serve you better.

What Happened to Kronotex back then?

Yes, we almost came to a standstill due to the harsh business environment when all of us were hit by years of lockdown and economical slowdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They were real and they did threaten our survival. I attribute this revival to many great friends, partnership, Coach Gloria Soo and even friendly-competitors. They have certainly made our comeback journey a reality.


Special thanks to our supplier partner ‘Jiangsu Shangge Investment Co.,Ltd for supporting us too! They ensure their flooring are all low VOCs tested and certified which are aligned to our priority to promote fresher and cleaner air when being used.

Welcoming our new shareholder

We like to welcome our new shareholder on board who has injected not only fresh funds but also brought along his expertise, skills and knowledge into the business. His background is in engineering involving in cutting edge technologies in the semi conductor industry. I believe his joining will be a strategic leverage for Kronotex development of -ions innovation and material science. 


Last but not least, I like to thank all my customers that have made Kronotex your preferred supplier and floor contractor.  We hope to serve you again very soon!

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