The Basis of Our Success: Committed, Highly Qualified Staff

Our business success is based on the dedication, skills and expertise of our highly qualified, motivated employees. Worldwide, more than 4,500 SWISS KRONO GROUP staff help turn wood, a natural raw material, into ideal, environmentally friendly products. 

Our corporate culture stresses communication and teamwork. This creates an environment in which every individual counts, promoting their enthusiasm for our products and leading them to identify with our company. Collegial conduct at work is just as important as the desire to continually improve our range of wood-based products. 

At our Heiligengrabe site in particular, we attach great value to job security. Our activities to support this include sound basic training for young people and regular further education for all staff.


Young people need secure prospects. We are currently training 38 of them in seven different professions at our subsidiaries.

They include future industrial electronics specialists, office staff and machine and plant operators.  
Steps to foster the development of trainees are an important prerequisite for our future success, and especially for our ability to master a wide range of challenges.  

We also offer junior staff opportunities to continue raising their qualifications, for example by undergoing advanced training in fields such as electrical and mechanical engineering, sales and commerce.  

Our group’s international presence supports this by enabling our trainees to gain experience interacting with foreign customers, which additionally enhances their career prospects.  

We also pay great attention to strengthening our trainees’ social skills. These include the ability to generate enthusiasm in others, willingness to continue learning, team spirit, and the ability to shoulder responsibilities.  

At yearly job fairs in northern Brandenburg, we present ourselves and our companies in order to recruit new staff. These fairs have evolved into established meeting places for school leavers.  

We have made a film in which we present all of the professions for which we offer vocational training.  

The success of these measures has been notable: eight percent of our staff begin their working lives as KRONO trainees.

Occupational Safety and Employee Health

Ensuring the health and safety of our staff is naturally very important to us.

In order to prevent work-related accidents and health problems, we minimise the risks to which they are exposed. For this as well, it is essential to ensure that our employees are well-trained, informed and motivated, and that they work together in a spirit of partnership. It goes without saying that our workplaces and processes are designed in accordance with the relevant occupational health and safety requirements.