Management Policy

With the SWISS KRONO GmbH and SWISS KRONO TEX GmbH & Co. KG , the SWISS KRONO GROUP produces at its Heiligengrabe innovative and healthy living Holzwerkstoffe for a modern sustainable building and living.

Established in 2000, KRONOPLY GmbH is one of Europe’s most successful manufacturers of OSB boards. The firm’s other competencies include producing high-quality MDF, HDF and wood-fibre insulation. KRONOTEX GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1992, is one of the leading European manufacturers of laminate flooring.  

The management policies of both firms form the basis of our integrated management system for ensuring quality, occupational safety, environmental protection and energy conservation. Its goals are to ensure and continue adding to the success and performance of the Heiligengrabe site.

Kronotex Singapore Management Policy for Kronotex Singapore

Cost-Effectiveness & Legal Compliance

In all of our business activities, we are committed to ensuring industrial productivity, adequate returns and long-term, continuous value creation.

To drive profitable growth, we work steadfastly to enhance our product portfolio by developing innovations and successfully introducing these to the market. We are constantly engaged in strengthening our competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.  
We naturally attach utmost importance to ensuring that every one of our corporate units operates in compliance with the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines. Also internationally, our products meet the pertinent legal and technical requirements and conform to all relevant safety standards.

Our Quality

All SWISS KRONO und KRONOTEX products meet the most rigorous technical and environmental requirements.

We have a lengthy tradition of offering customer-focused solutions and adding value for our customers around the world. We naturally strive for an attractive price/performance ratio and high customer satisfaction. We want our products to meet or exceed all of our customers’ requirements in terms of usability, healthy living, indoor comfort and environmental friendliness. In order to gain their trust, we practice a strong customer focus and provide competent advice in all of our activities, from sales across service to handling of complaints.To achieve qualitative growth for our enterprise, we continually improve our products and production and business processes, both technically and in terms of their environmental impacts. The quality of our products is continually monitored and regularly checked by independent testing institutes.The quality of SWISS KRONO und KRONOTEX products is based on the hard work, commitment and expertise of our highly qualified, motivated staff. This includes both sound vocational training for young people and continuing education of our permanent employees.

Our Profile

KRONOPLY GmbH und der KRONOTEX GmbH & Co. KG are characterised by innovation, success and international growth. At our Heiligengrabe site, we implement improvements in performance that are well above the industry average.

We produce high-quality, eco-friendly, sustainable, healthy engineered wood materials from debarked domestic pine and spruce wood. We are also achieving considerable success with our extensive portfolio of products in the growing foreign market.

Our Mission Statement

Our chief maxims are qualitative growth and a corporate culture with a strong focus on performance.

Above all, we concentrate on driving qualitative growth through our core competencies in producing high-quality OSB, MDF and HDF, wood-fibre insulation and innovative laminate flooring. 

We competently and reliably supply merchants with eco-friendly wood-based materials. In addition, we make sure to comprehensively inform the building trades, planners and consumers about our products’ properties and how to use them. Our goal is to enable them to build healthy, environmentally sound houses that optimise residents’ quality of life.

Our Philosophy

Our goals are to boost industrial productivity and sustainably protect the environment.

We are convinced of the merits of engineered wood materials – and this statement applies to every single one of our staff. Wood – a natural raw material – confronts us with challenges day in, day out, and we do everything possible to master them and be the absolute best in our field. Every day we endeavour to make our product portfolio even more innovative, functional and successful. 

As one of the world’s most successful producers of wood-based materials, we have steadily boosted our competitiveness in markets around the globe. We also lead in another important area, namely environmental protection. 

In our view, this extends to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and to safeguarding the “health” of nature. In connection with all of our production processes and when developing new innovations, we continually ask ourselves whether it might be done even better. And we aren’t satisfied until we have achieved the best possible result and can say with confidence, “yes, houses can be made even healthier to live in!”

Our Vision

We are devoted to shaping the future by means of goal-oriented, successful action. Our vision serves all of our employees as a concrete medium-term objective.

Our strategic decisions and our expectations of ourselves are based on the following tenets:

  • As part of the SWISS KRONO GROUP, we operate successfully in all major markets for wood-based materials.
  • We add value, which is why our customers around the world choose us as their partner. We supply planners, users, merchants and consumers with appropriately priced, eco-friendly wood-based products and customer-focused services.
  • We’re committed to sustainability and to protecting both people and nature. We believe in the compatibility of environmental protection, eco-friendly products for healthier living and qualitative growth for our company.
  • We invest capital in order to generate greater returns.
  • Our success is due to collective efforts and accumulated expertise.
  • We are one of the world’s most successful producers of wood-based materials, offering our customers both innovative products and bespoke services.